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This "field" ( in the "wikifarm" is set up with UserAdmin using the AuthUser storage solution.

It is placed here to facilitate testing of the UserAdmin cookbook.

Some helpful links (also in the actions menu):

The admin password you will need to test certain aspects of useradmin is available upon request. (You may be familiar with it already from other pmwiki sites.)

Please be kind - this site exists only to facilitate testing on open source software so nobody is profiting from it and spamming/hacking a site set up to help people shows a total lack of style.

Please report all problems to me (Peter Bowers - email available by perusing the history of the pmwiki mailing lists) directly or place them on the UserAdmin Talkpage rather than sending them to the mailing lists. Obviously the more specific you can be when reporting a problem and the more reproducible the problem is the more likely it will be fixed in a timely fashion.


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Page last modified on May 09, 2015, at 03:34 AM